What Does a Typical Day of Camp Look Like?

A day at Camp Iconic has a little bit of everything and something for everyone! Combining structure with choice, campers enjoy a well rounded schedule but also personalize each day with individual choices at elective time.

We feel that camp is a place to experience so many wonderful and different activities and our daily schedule reflects that, incorporating Athletics, Water Sports, Outdoor Adventure and the Arts each day. And, what better way to do all these activities than with your friends! At Iconic, most of a camper’s day is spent with other campers their own age out on the fields and courts, in the pools, or in the art center. They will be exposed and introduced to it all! Keeping with this spirit, all of our Specialists are responsible for putting together activity plans that are fun, safe and age appropriate with the understanding that the focus is on participation and having a good time.

Individual electives allow for campers to define a little bit of their day and receive more specialized instruction. Campers choose from a wide assortment of electives as we want to ensure that everyone has something they enjoy participating in. Campers can keep the same electives for the entire summer or decide to change them on a weekly basis.

Once a week, a Special Day is mixed into the fold of our Activity Schedule. Morning activities on this day are usually ones that include an entire age group. In the afternoon, it’s an all camp activity such as Carnival Day, Red White and Blue Day (for the Fourth of July), or Rodeo Day. Of course, one of the most Special Events of camp is when COLOR WAR breaks! Color War is high spirited, camper driven competition between campers and involves all of camp’s activities. 

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